Alcohol Ink FAQs

What are Alcohol Inks?

Alcohol inks are acid free, super vibrant, highly pigmented and fast drying inks. This art medium is gaining a lot of popularity only since a few years. Since these inks are alcohol based they evaporate quickly after dropped on to any surface leaving behind a vibrant tint. Alcohol inks are sheer or translucent in nature allowing you to create beautiful layers and depth in your art work. 

What is YUPO?

YUPO is synthetic paper which is completely non-porous, tear resistant and water resistant. They have super smooth texture and a glossy look which is perfect for alochol ink art. It comes in 3 different sizes - A5, A4, A3 and 2 different thicknesses of 150 GSM and 300 GSM. 150 GSM is perfect for practicing and trying different techniques. 300 GSM is perfect for commission art pieces.

What surfaces are ideal for Alcohol Inks?

YUPO is an ideal substrate for alcohol inks for its non-absorbent and glossy surface. Apart from YUPO you could use any non-porous surfaces such as glass, metal, ceramics and plastics. Primed canvas and primed wood can also be used as substrates for alcohol inks for creating unique patterns.

What is Blending Solution?

Blending solution is alcohol based solution which is used to reactivate dried alcohol ink, dilute the inks, make the inks more fluid and increase the dry time. Blending solution helps you blend different colors seamlessly without harsh lines. Ink when mixed with blending solution increases the fluidity and the dry time giving you more time to work with the inks.


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