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 Menka Desai - Mumbai

Menka Desai

Architect, artist and a business owner Menka, has been painting since time she gained consciousness. After working with acrylics, oils and water colors she has now settled with Alcohol Inks. She feels that the way the inks flow have a mesmerizing and almost hypnotic effect on the artist and the viewer. To enhance this effect, it is important to control the flow while still letting the inks do what they do best. To understand and implement this paradox to its core is one of the many artistic goals at the moment. 


Kshama Thakkar - Mumbai

Kshama Thakkar

Kshama, is a curious artist who loves exploring different mediums in art. The brilliance of the pigments of alcohol inks drew her to the medium. In her words - "Its a lovely medium to create abstracts on yupo paper, ceramics and other non porous surfaces. But also I believe that it has lot of potential other than abstracts, one has to keep working with it to discover the possibilities."

She is also the founder of ARTh by Kshama.


Ridhima Gupta - Delhi

Ridhima Gupta

Ridhima, a self taught artist from Delhi works with alcohol inks, watercolors and acrylics. Painting is her journal, exploration, meditation, her peace of mind.  She draws inspiration from fragments of nature.  She loves to work with alcohol inks for their delicacy and strength at the same time. 

She says "Alcohol inks are an abstract form of expressing what I have inside me as an individual and exploring this medium has become one of my favorite ways to spend the day."


Marzia Ali - Hyderabad


Marzia, an abstract and space artist and a food illustrator is based out of Hyderabad and is passionate about working with different mediums. She is also the founder of 'theduendebox'.  She fell in love with alcohol inks the instant she tried them for the very first time!

She finds alcohol inks therapeutic, vibrant and  bold. She says "Alcohol inks are easy to work with and at the same time pose challenges because of the fluidity and dry time". She recommends everyone, beginner or not, to get their hands on these inks and enjoy the process of creating one of a kind pieces.


Gayathri Gupta - Hyderabad


Gayathri, a self taught alcohol ink artist started her journey with alcohol inks 2 years ago. The vibrancy and fluidity of the inks was what drew her to this medium and ever since she has been addicted to it and enjoys creating abstracts with it.

She finds the medium super relaxing and therapeutic to work with. After a busy day at work coming back to these inks is her way of unwinding, relaxing and exploring her creative side. She says "Alcohol inks are quite amazing to work with as they require no planning ahead, one can just go with the flow of inks and create something unique pretty much every single time"


Harish S - Hyderabad


Harish, an entrepreneur is based out of Hyderabad and has started his journey with alcohol inks 2 years ago. He was exploring different applications for YUPO in his business and stumbled upon alcohol inks and how artists use them on YUPO for art. The vibrancy and fluidity of the inks has a mesmerizing effect and ever since he is hooked on to the inks and the art form.

For the artist alcohol inks are a fun medium to work with and also have soothing and therapeutic effect. He loves the beautiful depth inks create with controlled brush strokes and it can be clearly seen in his art work on instagram. He enjoys the endless applications of the inks and is always experimenting and trying new ways of using the inks in his art.


Sapna Gohil - Surat


Sapna is a self taught artist and an entrepreneur currently based in Surat. Her interest in art has started at a very young age and she has been in the field of art and craft since a decade now. She loves to conduct workshops on different art mediums and interact with art enthusiasts and help them on their art journey.
Her love for alcohol inks started when she watched art videos uploaded over the net by international artists. The beautiful patterns alcohol inks create has hooked her on this art medium and she has taught herself all about the inks and how to use to them create one of a kind pieces from blogs, tutorials and many other sources. She is determined to take this art form forward and increase the awareness about alcohol inks and teach her techniques to others by conducting workshops.


Swapnaja Mohite - Ratnagiri


Swapnaja, a marine biologist and a passionate artist, has been painting since a very young age. Her art journey began with water colors and acrylics and her search for new art mediums brought her to alcohol inks and resin. The brightness, vibrancy, fluidity of the inks and the way they react with alcohol made her fall in love with them.

Her very first painting using alcohol inks was selected by the international alcohol ink art community as their webpage poster and ever since Swapnaja is hooked on to these inks. She says, "alcohol inks offer immense possibilities to create and amaze you every single time you sit down to work with them".



Anuja Aggarwal - Jaipur




Anuja, a self-taught artist with a passion for alcohol inks. She is among the first few alcohol ink artists in Rajasthan, India and regularly conducts alcohol ink art workshops, exhibitions, and collaborations. Her alcohol ink art has vibrant hues and gradients that mesmerize the viewers. She particularly enjoys the state of flow and loss of stress that could be achieved with the use of inks. She guides people on how to lose inhibitions and enjoy the colors of this magical medium.